PROGRAM 1: Ancestral Domain/ Land Security and Development Program

Sub-Program 1: Ancestral Domain/ Land Recognition

Through the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), Certificate of Ancestral Domain Titles(CADTs) are issued to formally recognize the rights of possession and ownership of Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) over their ancestral domains as identified and delineated in accordance with this law, while Certificate of Ancestral Land Titles (CALTs) formally recognize the rights of ICCs/IPs over their ancestral lands.

Sub-Program 2: Assistance to Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan (ADSDPP) Formulation

Provision of technical and/or financial assistance to the Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) in the formulation of their Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan (ADSDPP). This holistic, comprehensive and integrated plans shall promote a culture and rights-based approach to development. It reflects the present and future desired conditions of the ICCs/IPs and contains the types of programs/projects that they will adopt for the sustainable management and development of their domain and community. The management plan shall include, but not be limited to, the following basic information:

1. The manner by which the concerned ICCs/IPs shall protect their ancestral domain;
2. The development programs related to livelihood, education, infrastructure, self-governance, environment, natural resources, culture and other practical development aspects, that are
decided and adopted by the ICCs/IPs;
3. Community policies covering the implementation of all forms of development activities in the are; and
4. Management System, including the sharing of benefits and responsibilities among members of the concerned ICCs/IPs.

Program aims to promote all the rights of ICCs/IPs within the framework of national unity and development and all shall protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples to their ancestral domains to ensure their economic, social and cultural well-being; and To recognize the inherent rights of ICCs/IPs to self-governance and self-determination, and respect the integrity of their values, practices and institutions as well as guarantee their right to freely pursue their development and equally enjoy the full measure of human rights and freedom without distinction or discrimination.