Issuance of Consent

As mandated under Section 20, Commonwealth Act 141 “The Public Land Act”

Section 20 of CA 141 mandates that before all sales/conveyances of real property be entered into by members of Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs), the Commission on National Integration (now the NCIP) must intervene to determine whether real and voluntary consent was given by the vendor IP. This consent is determined through interviews conducted with the presence of both parties to the sale. Further, the instrument or the Deed of Sale shall not be notarized in the absence of the certificate issued by the NCIP.

Schedule of Availability of Service:

7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. without noon break

Who May Avail of the Service:

Vendor of Real Property who is a Member of the Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) within or covered by the jurisdiction of NCIP Region 1


  1. Letter-request of vendor
  2. Copy of Deed of Sale



How to Avail of the Service:

Step Applicant/client Service provider Duration of activity Person in charge Remarks
1 Files letter of intent Stamps & receives the letter of intent 5 minutes Records Officer  
2 Appears during interview Conducts interview 30 minutes Regional Legal Officer  
3 Prepares the Certificate of Consent 10 minutes Regional Legal Officer  
4 Receives the Certificate of Consent Issues Certificate of Consent duly signed and sealed 5 minutes Records Officer